What's the weirdest mix you've had?

The Farmers' Daughter

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Aug 2, 2017
Darwell Alberta
I have 2 OEGBs that are broody. I was checking under them the other day and discovered that my silkie has been slipping her eggs under them. So I candled them on a whim. Sure enough, they're developing. The only roo the little silkie has been in contact is a buckeye.

That's going to be some wacky chickens if they manage to hatch!

What's the craziest breed mixes you've had?

Alabama Fly

May 18, 2017
1/8 Asil, 1/8 Ga Noi, 1/4 American Game and half wyandotte. The asil side throws better lacing from the wyandotte side. Crazy thing raised four broods a year. Five one year. I sold her to a guy and she is still raising chicks.
She's very pretty, nothing cuter than a mama hen with baby chicks. Especially when they start getting as big as the mama and still insist on riding on her back and nestling underneath her.
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