whats the weirdest place youve had a hen go broody or hatch eggs


9 Years
Sep 18, 2010
woodsfield ohio
the weirdest place ive had a hen go broody is in the middle of the coop floor
just right out in the open
hatched 1 out of 1 chicks there
weird considering there aint no cover for her to feel secure or nothin

what about everyone else
My current broody is outside between our oil tank and a trellis....with nighttime temperatures below freezing.

But will she listen when I say no??????

Under the seat of an old trashed out jeep that was on our property. Sneaky girl, I saw her with the chicks and never knew where she had sat until later we found the shells when we moved the jeep.
Under a milk crate... i had propped it up on bricks and put a shade over it for a sun shelter for the birds, so i didnt see the eggs until she started sitting on them.
Oh, temporarily forgot my Dark Brahma on the dog's bed....but I really didn't find this strange as she sleeps with the dog and lays eggs on his bed,


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