What's the youngest age to clip wings?

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7 Years
May 2, 2012
Norwich, CT
We have 17 chicks total, 5 Araucanas 6 Barred Rock 2 Buff Orpington and 2 Red Star. They're all 15 days old as of today, we have them in our finished basement in a brooder while the chicken coop is being finished. Their brooder has a 3 foot border to keep them "inside" - lately at least two have been able to fly up on the edge of the brooder. I don't want them to get out and somehow get hurt. Isn't this kind of young for them to be able to fly so high already? I was planning on clipping their wings eventually, but it looks like it may have to be sooner than later. Is it safe to clip their wings at such a young age?

Thanks for your help!
You can clip them but with young chicks they molt several times so you have to clip and clip again. better to cover the brooder with a screen and hurry up with the coop. No it isn't to young to fly as your finding out.

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