What's up chuck?


8 Years
Jan 12, 2012
I have what seem now to be 4 healthy fat hybrid chicken. They were supposed according to breeder to be at an age to start laying about two weeks ago. 1 did start but the others have not. She lay for the first 10 days every other day or mor frequent. Then on Friday she lay a soft egg, sat 2 soft eggs. Sunday a normal but double yoker. And none since. She has a bit of a messy behind but seems well other that that. They have a very big, 3ache garden to roam in and I wondered if they are having to much of a good time foraging! (silly)! I work in the garden and watch them most of the time and don't think they are laying elsewhere. Any advice truly appreciated. Is my laying girl sick? ?

Thank you
Hmmm, sometimes the stress of being moved catches up to them in about that time frame. Doubt if they're sick. For the messy butt, you can trim some feathers in that area. If there is a large buildup, it's called pasty butt and is a symptom of constipation, but minor stuff as you describe, ain't it. Seems like they have a great home. Just give them a little time to settle in..........Pop

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