Whats up with my chickens?


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May 17, 2010
My main flock of chickens are now 10 weeks old. Two BCM, two Wheaten Marans, one Olive Egger, one Blue cochin and one White Silkie. They live outside in a large coop and than get to free range when I'm home and working in the yard. I also have a brooder in the carport that has different breeds of all different ages. This is my question...

Why am I able to add any bird of any age to my brooder and every ones fine. I have never had anyone pick on a new chick or a smaller bird. My oldest chicks in the brooder are now 6 weeks old and more than ready to be out in the coop. I have a chick buying habit and often bring home a day old chick here and there. They have never had a problem with the new chicks, they actually act like a hen and let the new chicks sleep under their feathers. Its very cute! Everyone acts like a big happy family. Here's what I have in the brooder. One Araucana pullet-6weeks old, one Barred Rock pullet-6weeks old, one something Laced Wyandotte- 6 weeks old, two Speckled Sussex pullets- 4 weeks old, one black Silkie- 2 weeks old, one SL Wyandotte pullet- 1 week old and a 4 day old Buff Orp.

Now adding new birds to the outside flock is another story. I first tried to add my three 6 week old pullets to the coop over the weekend. ALL of the older birds were going crazy attacking the three new ones. That didn't last longer than a min. before I pulled them out not wanting them to get hurt. I went to the feed store and bought some no pecking cream and covered the 6 week olds in it and put them back in the coop for round 2. At first the older birds tried to attack but after getting one mouth full of the no pecking cream they left them alone. Now its been a few days and tho the older birds are not hurting the new chicks they still wont have anything to do with them. They stay on the complete opposite side of the coop at all times. Will they ever be a big happy family? LOL I just want everyone to get along. I would like to be able to let the new chicks outside to free range with the older ones but find it too hard to keep track of the new ones because they don't stay with the flock.


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