What's up with the peanut egg?

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    I got the egg on the left today from my BR hens. On the right is what we normally get, though one of the smaller ones. I have six hens in that pen and they are 2 and 3 years old - no pullets. We have had these hens for about seven months and usually get 2-4 eggs/day. Four is the most we have ever gotten in one day, so I have always suspected that one or two of them may not be laying. My question is - if one of the hens had not been laying for awhile, would she lay pullet-like eggs? Or is it possible that she has never layed before and is just NOW starting? The only change recently is that we removed the mean rooster and replaced him with two of his 5-month old sons. The rooster was mean to us, but I never noticed him being too hard on the hens, however, the hens seem to be happier with the new roos.

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    Seven months you've had them and they are 2-3 years old. Lets do some adding. One month to settle in, going into molt being pessimistic two months, winters setting in three months, being an older bird another month for spring to work. Total seven months. So yes it could be a hen coming back into lay, dropping the odd one. Or it could be just a misfire that happens from time to time.
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    Every once in a while you can get an abnormal egg from a regular fine laying hen. It just happens and I personally believe serama chickens are the worlds worst at laying "bird eggs" as i call them.... I got 1 the week after getting my seramas (about 4 weeks ago) and just got another 1 yesterday.... I don't know why they do it but i do know it just happens from time to time. It's very fun to find them from a serama though because the bird eggs are about the size of your finger nail.


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