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  1. mariaella

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    Oct 1, 2011
    I have a 19 week old Chook/ Rooster, was sure it was a rooster until this strange behaviour started. It is a Rhode Island red. For the past week it has been standing upright, it has a bit of runny poo. I have wormed it and isolated it. it walks in a strange upward shuffling motion, like a penguin. As I said i would have said it was a rooster, but is it an egg bound Chook. I have given it extra vitimins and protien this last week but nothing changes.

    Anyone got any idea?

    Regards Maria
  2. Frost Homestead

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    Jul 9, 2011
    Lago Vista, TX
    [​IMG] doesn't sound egg bound to me, is the bird otherwise behaving normally besides standing and walking funny? have you felt it to see if you can feel an egg inside? maybe you can gently palpate its abdomen and see if it feels like there's an egg in there
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  3. mariaella

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    Oct 1, 2011
    Hi Frozenhazard

    I for the first time felt what seems to be an egg last night and it was nearly at the opening so I used some olive oil up the vent, did an internal and yes it felt like an egg. Later I repeated the process and the "egg seems to have gone further back into the chook, but could still feel it. This bird looks like a Rooster, it is huge and the neck feathers are thin and long like its father. But I have a hen that is huge and at first looked like a Rooster, so I am guessing it is her offspring now.

    Anyway, I can still feel the "egg" it still stands and walks like a penguin, straight up. It is eating normally and drinking but seems very uncomfortable. It is stinking my house out as I keep it warm and I have done everything I can to help it pass the "egg", to no avail. I seems to be a big egg for a Pullet !!

    Not sure what to do now except repeat the olive oil and hope for the best.


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