Whats with this Eggs, when they going to hatch????


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Sep 19, 2007
Thurmont, MD
My first time Hatching Guineas. 11 Eggs went into lockdown Friday. 1 Guinea hatched Friday morning. The rest have done nothing. Day 28 starts tonight. Of course, I am going to do nothing till Wednesdy or Thursday. Just curious, should I worry?

Should add, I had humidyt at 65%. Added another water tray to get it up to closer to 80%.
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My chicks dont usually hatch until day 21...I might get an early one...guinea go 28 days right so if they hatch out on 28 days your perfect...one might have been layed earlier
I keep my humidity between 50 and 60 percent for chicks not sure for guineas never hatched any
with guinea you never know. i have 40 hatching now now, 3 hatched on day 24 still in the turner, 2 more on day 25, the nothing until day 27 and now they are almost all hatched, day 28.
80% is pretty high! If you have a temp spike, it will kill them all. I hatch all mine at 65% humidity and 98.5 degs with my turkeys and peafowl.
Actually 80% RH for hatching is better than 65% when it comes to Guinea eggs. You can almost never have too much humidity when it comes to keets hatching, they dry out so easily the extra humidity helps them slick out of the egg so much easier. This is my personal opinion, gained from my experiences with hatching Guinea eggs, but it was also discussed at a Guinea Fowl Conference, by hatching professionals.
Thanks everyone. The 5 turkey eggs that were hatching with them are doing great. 1 Turkey on Day 28 and 3 more today. I will let them go and keep an eye on things.

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