What's wrong w/1 day old's legs? Can they be fixed? :(


10 Years
May 18, 2009
My eggs hatched yesterday and all seem to be fine except one. It can't stand up. Both legs go straight forward so it's sitting on it's bottom when I prop it up. Otherwise it lays on it's side w/it's legs pointing forward. It can move around by kind of scooting. I've put it in a small box in the brooder since it was getting water all over the place. It seems to want to live, so I want to give it a chance. I tried doing the tape thing for spraddle legs, but it's not helping (it's legs aren't spraddled). I tried to make a little gurney to prop it up, but it just wiggles out of it. It chirps and drinks water when I give it to it, but it's obviously got weaker since it hatched yesterday. What can I do?? I'd love to see this little guy pull through
Oh...also, I think the temp was too low b/c they hatched a day or two late and some are still trying to hatch. Not sure if this has anything to do with it. Ugh! Bought a brisnea thermometer so this doesn't happen next time.
You can try putting the little guy into a small cup for a few days. It worked for me on a chick with legs like that. Find a cup that is high enough that the chick can't boing out and small enough around that it holds the chick upright with it's legs under it (I used a clear one so the chick could see it's brooder mates). Gently lower the chick in and make sure his legs are positioned properly, then set the cup in the brooder. At their age, your chicks shouldn't be able to knock the cup over. Unfortunately, you will have to hand feed and water the little fuzzer every hour or so for a couple of days, but it shouldn't take long for his legs to learn to stay in position. I remember when I did this, after the first day, I would let mine out to exercise it's legs a few times a day.

Hope this helps. Good luck!
It sounds like spradle leg. If you tie some yarn( some people use bandaids) around the legs above the knee joint so that the legs are closer together like they should be. It will correct itself. Ive had a couple do this too and they worked it out in a couple days. Just make sure you check to make sure its not to tight from growth. Their are threads on spradle leg here on this site. Thats were I read about it. Good luck with your little one.
try a tall glass like he said i have alittle chick that did the same thing took her few days extra of TLC and a small space. but she is walking fine now i tried doing the band aid thing but she just fell over with legs stuck up in the air...
I think I'm still a bit confused about the tall glass thing...how narrow should it be? Should it be more like a pint glass? Narrower?

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