Whats wrong with my BLRW?

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    Dec 6, 2010
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    So i dunno whats wrong with my pullet.. I had 3 RIR's come into my flock, and i think one of them was sick. The hen slowly walked around, and always seemed depressed. It was always hunched up like it was cold and was trying to stay warm.. This hen also had a poopy butt, and always seemed to have remnants of poo on her backside.. She was very unhappy, and i got rid of her to a friend immediately to quarantine her from the rest of my flock.. I thought that everything was ok, all of my chickens seemed fine and happy, until.. Today.. I went out to the coop to let the ladies out, and all of them came out fine, including my two little ones.. I have one Roo, and this pullet (shown below) they are both from the same hatch, and both have had a TON of energy everyday that they have been at my house and free-ranging. Now.. My little Pullet looks like this...


    She seems depressed, doesnt move around much at all, rarely eats or drinks, and has a certain "loss of life" in her leg, face, and comb colorations.. She is also starting to have this "poopy butt" thing going on as well, and she has NEVER had a problem before.. I moved her inside away from her friends and She has not moved ONCE.. She just sits in the same position, and doesn't do anything.. Im really scared that i am going to lose her, and i dunno what to do. I dont think these little guys were vaccinated for anything, and i have never had ANY problems with disease or infestation, so now im worried about this little girl, and more importantly.. The rest of my flock!! I spent alot of money on these little guys, and i would hate to start having them drop from some sort of disease. Does anyone know what is going on with her, or what the first RIR could have passed onto my little lady? As i said before, i am truly worried, and need to find a solution QUICK!! Any help would be greatly appreciated..

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    I am not sure - Coccidiosis? I have not delt with it, so am just guessing.

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