Whats wrong with my chicken Henrietta?!

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  1. Gudday BYC,
    My Isa Brown chicken Henrietta has some sort of illness and I don't know how to help her.
    She moves slowly and she often just stands there with her feathers all puffed up looking sleepy.
    She is about 2 years old, and her sister is experiencing the same sort of illness but not as bad.
    Yesterday I picked her up and she was REALLY light (so light that I could hardly feel her) whereas her sister was much heavier. She hasn't been eating and I try to feed her but she refuses. She even rejects her favorite treat (parrot seed mix). When she tries to eat she appears to be too weak to peck at the grass or the bread I give her. She and her sister don't lay eggs anymore either but I don't think they're egg bound. Their poop is also really sloppy. I am very concerned about it and ask you please to give me some advice or have any idea what might be wrong with her.

    Thanks again!
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    Jan 30, 2015
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    I'm no expert on diseases, but i believe i have read that puffing up of feathers suggests they are running a temperature. Its sounds a bit desperate.

    If no expert advice comes very soon i would suggest giving a broad spectrum antibiotic. I know many members don't agree with treating something unknown with them, but time may not be on your side. I'd also give vitamin / electrolytes in their water at the same time.

    Lets hope a more experienced member chips in soon with a diagnosis.

    Good luck

  3. umarson

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    Jun 1, 2015
    I advice you call your local vet. But before that give them som vitamins and glucose (if they don't eat food). The glucose humans take can work for them, cos they're omnivorouse like humans.

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