What's wrong with my chicken?


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May 27, 2008
Elizabethtown, KY
I have a total of 13 chickens all different kinds living in a 10x16 coop with a large run, and are allowed to free range everyday. I feed them Purina's Raising Flock feed, put apple cider vinegar in their water everyday, and once a week I put food grade DE in their water. I also give them treats from the lists that is okay to feed them, such as yogurt, fruits, and veggies etc. I have also seen them eat worms, crickets, frogs and bugs. All normal chicken stuff they like to eat. I have linoleum floors in my coop and I mop them when I clean the coop with hot bleach water once a week. They have an area of deep litter which I use pine shavings from TSC in. So question is... I have a barred rock roo that is around 10 weeks old and I have been noticing for about the last week and a half a small speck of pale, bloody, soft, vein-like thing in his poo, sometimes it's a small-small speck and sometimes it's small and string-like vein. Could this be worms, or is it from eating frogs or something? Should I be worried?........... Anybody!!!!.............?
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Mar 20, 2008
I'm not an expert on these things but I would say that the chicken has worms. To treat them you can feed them wormer, but you can't eat the egg for however long the bottle/package says, or you can feed them diatomaceous earth mixed in their food. Diatomaceous earth is natural, you can still eat the eggs, and if the birds dust bathe in it, it mimics rust and the mites leave. It is a very versatile substance. Oh and I think it's a good fertilizer too.

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