Whats wrong with my chickens?

Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by robomb, Aug 7, 2013.

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    I have 5 hens, all 2 years old, who have been regular layers since Jan 2012. All of a sudden, they seem to have stopped laying. In 6 days I have gotten 2 eggs. It doesn't look like anyone is molting. The weather has been wonderfully cool at night and seasonably summer temps in the day. They have plenty of water and other treats. If it matters, they seem to not be interested in their feed (which has the oyster shells mixed in it), instead they are eating only the seed block. I give them plenty of "treats" (stuff I would throw in the compost), because they are in a run, not completely free-range. Is it possible that they are eating their own eggs, shells and all? Or do they sometimes just stop laying? I thought it was just if they were molting. I started to worry at 3 days, but now it's been 6!! I used to get at least 3 eggs a day, sometimes 5, sometimes 1 or 2, but on average I would say the 5 girls probably lay 5-6 eggs a week each. Please help me understand! [​IMG]
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    They could have eaten their eggs or sometimes the older chickens will start laying soft shelled eggs that kinda just mush and then the chickens eat them. I've heard of stories where chickens dislike their regular feed and won't eat because its dull. Maybe you can change their feed brand or mix in something like the feed block with their feed?

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