what's wrong with my hen....help...getting worse


10 Years
Apr 21, 2009
My chickens are about 2.5months old. All are well except one, she now won't come out of the coop into the run and stay under the light all of the time. She keeps doing this weird sweeping motion with her neck, like she has something in her throat or is dizzy, her head slants to the side everytime she does it..... she is still alert but I am afraid something is wrong!!!!!!! I want to help her before she gets worse

The others are far more active then her, running out of the coop right away and even free ranging in the yard.

now the hen is constantly streching her neck and shakes her head and is spitting up (barfing) not sure some is clear liquid some is food colored. It seems like something is stuck in her throat but she still eats a little????
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