What's wrong with my hen???


Jun 16, 2015
Hi, my chicken is 8/9 years old and has this red thing hanging out of her butt, I'd say it's a pro lapsed vent, but some times her rear end looks normal, really the only time the red thing comes out is when she stops and tenses up like she is going to lay an egg... Do you think she's egg bound and if so what can I do for her? I can send pics if you'd like.

Thanks for any help!
Hens can sometimes have a partial prolapse that may go in and out. It might be a genetic problem or it could be just loose muscle tone. I had 2 faverolles the same age who both had partial prolapses on the same day. I had never noticed it before, but they continued having that, and it always seemed to go away.
Should I clean her, her bottom it's pretty dirty, the only reason why I'm hesitant is because if she's moist it's perfect for fly strike... But then again poop/ dirt attracts flies as well.
A bath would be fine especially if she is not acting very sick. Even just a partial wash to her bottom is fine. Many chickens enjoy a warm bath, but they should never be done on a very sick chicken.
Okay. More problems. I was watching my hen after I gave her a bath and noticed she couldn't poop. And when she finally did, it was really wet and foamy. ( sorry for the graphic description) she is also constantly pecking at her butt, like it's uncomfortable.

Thank you for any help!
Chickens can have a variety of droppings. Every 9-10 dropppings they may have a cecal poop, which is usually more slimey, stinky, and sometimes foamy. A local vet even if they don't see chickens can usually test a few droppings for worms or coccidia. Probiotics or plain yogurt with cultures can help with droppings and to promote immunity. Constipation in chickens can be a result of not drinking enough water. Giving them a good balanced chicken feed for at least 90 % of their diet is good. Molasses can act as a laxative if needed.
Wow, you really know your stuff! :cd This helps a lot.
Thanks again!
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