What's wrong with my hen?


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Jun 27, 2019
Portland, Oregon
My 18 month old Rhodie started acting odd a few days ago. It's been hot and I thought she was molting (hasn't laid all summer, lost a lot of feathers). However, she is extremely lethargic, her comb is pale, and she hasn't moved out of a dark corner of the run all day. I didn't feel an egg when I checked her vent, but I'm not sure if i would know if there was one there. She's still eating (roused herself when I brought out the mealworms), but I'm concerned.
Of course it could be just about anything on the impossibly long list of chicken diseases and disorders, but the pale comb, lack of laying all summer, lethargic behavior, even the feather loss, could point to a reproductive disease since the odds favor that diagnosis.

I would give her a round of an antibiotic if you can access one, although it could be cancer and that's untreatable.

It could also be something simple like an impacted crop or sour crop. Check the crop in the morning to verify she hasn't got a crop disorder.

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