What's wrong with my Hen?

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    I have a 8 month old Ameracauna hen and I can't figure out what is wrong with her.

    Her comb is very pale, she is losing weight, she is losing feathers (neck/face/tail) and she hasn't laid an egg in about a month. She seems to have become the low girl on the pecking order too. She is eating and drinking well and pooping regularly.

    I have visually checked many times for worms and mites and have found nothing. I live in California, so it hasn't been real cold, but she is sleeping inside away from the other hens who still sleep outside on the perch. She appears too young to be molting, and I don't see anywhere that a pale comb is a symptom of molting. My chickens free range the backyard during the day and are locked in a 4 x15 coop at night with the option of going into a raised indoor area during cold weather.

    She has three other coop mates, all the same age and they all look great and act perky. The other three are laying eggs. Two of my hens are Ameracaunas so I can easily appear size and egg laying with her.

    Any suggestions?
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    Since you inspected her for lice/mites, I suspect she's in molt, pale combs happen during molt as well.

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