Whats wrong with my pullets??


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Aug 16, 2007
I just bought about a dozen of baby pullets today and they seem to be dying. I have them under a heat lamp, but they won't eat and I had to give them water myself with my finger and it seemed to bring them around. But they are just laying there, the only time they move is when I touch them. I had 2 already to die. Am I doing something wrong? What can I do? Please help.
Cedar bedding isn't good for them. I'd get them out of that right away. And get a thermometer to see if they're too warm. Did you dip their beaks in the water when you put them in the brooder?
I dipped their beaks in water for about an hour trying to get them to drink. It was working fine, they became sort of active for a while after that, but now they are about the same as they was before I gave them water. I wasn't aware of the bad effect the cedar shaveings would have cause thats what I have always used.
No cedar and it's probably too hot in the brooder, which makes them lethargic. Get a thermometer in there to check the actual temp. Healthy babies in the right environment should be fairly active most of the day with the occasional nap.

You can also give them vitamins in their water to help healthen them up. Yes, you should remove the cedar asap because it is dangerous for chicks. Pine shavings work best for bedding, but you can also use dried grass or hay, but these might get stuck in their crop so it's best to use pine shavings until they're a month old. I hope they get well soon.

Good luck!
UPDATE on my pullets... I woke up this morning and all of my pullets had died. I bought 20 chicks today, they are about 2 weeks old and they are doing great. I don't think I'm gonna try to raise the pullets from chicks again

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