Whats Wrong With My Rooster's Eye Please??


12 Years
Hi everyone.

Hoping someone can take a look at my roosters eye please? It's only one eye that's like this. The other eye us perfect. It started out with what looked like a pink growth on his bottom eyelid.

I have another rooster that has the same pink growth on his eye, and is developing an eye similar to the first rooster. In the close up photos below you can see the pink skin tag like growth protruding from the lower part of his eye. That is how this started.

Is this caused by urine overload in the coop? Or is it something else going on? All other chickens are 100% fine.

Both these roosters are totally fine except for their eyes.

What is this???? What can I do to help them?



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Not sure if he can close his eye or not. It has been developing for a while to he honest. I have tried to help him with Terramycin Opthalmic eye ointment but that has not helped. Is the eye ulcerated now? What can I buy to help with an ulcerated eye?? The other rooster does not have the ulceration? just the same pink growth.
It looks like the cornea is damaged. This is definitely beyond my knowledge, but my first thought when I saw it was, is that a tick? Like I said this beyond my knowledge, but if you want any chance to save the eye, I would definitely continue to keep it moist. Does it seem like he can see out of it? Does it move?
It could be conjunctival tissue surrounding the eye from a bad peck wound. That looks like a permanently blind eye. Ammonia odors in the coop can cause corneal ulcers of eyes, but you should see that in both eyes. And it should be obvious if you enter the coop. Good air ventilation and multiple windows can help with air circulation.
If there is drainage, you could flush the eye with saline or eye wash. Bausch and Lomb makes a good inexpensive eye wash in the US. Terramycin eye ointment or ciprofloxacin eye drops are good to apply to an eye twice a day for eye infection. If it is just dry, an eye lubricant drop might be good. Normal saline can be homemade by adding 2 tsp or 9 grams of table salt to a liter/quart of water, and simmering it for 15 minutes. Cool, store in a sterile jar, and apply to eyes.

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