What's wrong with my turkey?


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So I moved my lone Turkey poult into a rabbit hutch yesterday because his other box was too small. We lined the bottom with cardboard, to see how he reacted to it. Well, it doesn't matter, beccause now he is just sitting there with his head hung low, not eating not drinking. Not doing anything. What's wrong with him? He is the only one. Is he lonely? or is he gonna die?
I'm no turkey expert, but I'd start with he's lonely. I had to separate out a sick chicken earlier this week and I thought she was just slow to recover. She was so lonely I honestly believe it took her longer to get well because she was alone. I put her back in with the other birds and she's been up and active. They are flock animals. IMO they act very depressed when all alone.

If you put him with other birds and he acts the same, then you have a problem...if not, he's just lonely.
I don't have any birds to put him in with. I have chicks of 4, 5, and 6 weeks old. But they seem rough with eachother. I had him with a little teddy bear, didn't put that in last night.
The turkey is 3 weeks old, we put out his red light. At the warmest area its probably 100, at the coldest area 85 so he has a range.
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On turkey poults hanging their heads low or droopy wings is a sign that they are not feeling good.

Also is their any drafts coming in the cage ?? He could be cold !! even with the heat lamps if it is drafty.

Try and give him some energy by putting 1 Tablespoon of Molasses in a gallon of warm water and putting this mixture in his waterer and see if this helps it to perk up any ??
I agree with Harp, I think your turkey is sick. Maybe the move stressed him out... maybe he came into contact with something that made him unwell?? I would possibly move him back right away and try to figure out what could be changed with his new coop.
Also, are you giving him HIGH-Protein feed, such as game bird starter? 24-26% is VERY important for their health. Feed hard boiled egg yolks for extra protein if you're in a pinch. If he hasn't had enough protein, any stresses could upset his system very easily. He should also continue having the heat lamp, since he's 3 weeks old, that is pretty young. Turkey poults are nowhere near as hardy as chicks until their 8 -9 weeks old.
I don't use medicated feed or antibiotics at my place, but others might recommend something like that too.

Keep us posted.
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