What's wrong with this poop? Sick bantam cochin hen

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    My little cochin Party is usually the light of the entire coop. She's chatty, runs to the door when you come in, jumps all over you to be held. Today she didn't come when called and when I found her she was dead silent and a little off. Someone had ripped some feathers out of her head so I gave her a once over, and she was just.. acting so off. Quiet and still is not like this little butt at all! I brought her inside to observe her more closely and get a fecal, gave her some spinach and bok choy, her favorites, which she has been chowing down on non-stop but at a reduced pace. Then she took this poop on the floor. Please note the large green mass is a spinach leaf chunk she pooped on.





    I can't get her to the vet until Monday, so if any of you are familiar with a poo like this, I would be very grateful to know. I think based off poo charts that it is probably two conditions, bacterial and parasite, but I have never had a chicken come down sick with either so I would be more wont to trust experience. Thank you much in advance!

    Some information that might help:

    • She is still laying
    • She is about to turn a year old next month
    • She had pellets in her crop before I fed her greens so she had eaten something on her own, but not much.
    • I plan to keep pellets available and feed scrambled egg.
    • She is still drinking on her own.
    • She seems to have only lost a little bit of weight, but still she has lost any at all.
    • I have not recently, nor have I ever, wormed my flock. I send in a random selection of fecal samples seasonally instead, with the plan that I'll treat specifically for any worms that show up, but so far fecals have been returned clean. I have not yet done my spring fecal, the last fecal was done in early December.
    • I keep my flock confined in a large run, but this particular bird is a sneaky little ******** who flings herself out the door the moment I open it and runs off in to the yard to gobble as many greens and bugs as she can before I make her get back.
    • She was much slower to mature than her sisters, so much so we had a check up done on her but her health was fine and her fecal clear then. This was about 4 months ago.
    • She is only housed with other chickens, no other fowl are on the property.
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