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Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by ToriLynn116, Jan 31, 2016.

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    Jan 31, 2016
    Hey guys! This is my first time posting here but I'm alittle worried about my baby chick. I have incubated eggs and never had a problem before. Recently I had this chickie hatch a couple days before it was due, like before lockdown (18 through the 21 day). It came out kinda small and missing some feathers as well as being sticky. It slept for close to 12 hours and then it was up and walking. I took it out and put it in our nursery (with a stable temperature and chick starter and water) and it went back to sleep. The next day, it was still sleeping a lot and looked wet and weak. I noticed that it was shaking so I put the heat lamp closer to it. It didn't seem like it wanted to move so I thought it was just still tired from the hatch. About 5 days in, I came home to find it shaking, eyes closed, and laying down while opening it's mouth. It was making a clicking sound instead of a squeak. I immediately got a dropper and gave it some Sav-A-Chik Electrolytes and gave it a warm washcloth. It then went back to sleep. I woke up the next day to find it hobbling. It wasn't standing on its legs but instead was scooting around, eyes shut most of the time. I repeated the fluids and warm cloth and put it back. That very day, I had another chick hatched and I put them together and it seemed to perk up for the moment. Then it was back to the eyes closed, sleeping a lot, scooting chick. It hasn't grown or done much since the hatch.
    My question is what happened? Why is it not thriving and sleeping a lot? It is about a week old and seems like it will survive but is it gunna be a "special need" chicken or will it always be like this? Also do y'all have any suggestions to help correct or fix the problem(s)? [​IMG]
    *I was reading that a chick can be born premature if it hears activity from older chicks (which were close to it) because it thinks it time to come out. As for the stickyness and weakness, I'm thinking it didn't absorb the sack all the way and ended up puncturing it which cause it to be "wet" and not get the needed nutrients. Lastly, the leg problem is probably from not developing all the way. This is just my hypothesis.*
    I would love to hear from you guys about suggestions or opinions on what happened. Thank in advance and any advice is welcomed :)
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    I don't know much about incubating. but I think these are just side effects of a pre-mature hatch. sleep is the time when they grow the most and she may be exhausted. as for the shaking she maybe in shock. I hope this was helpful.[​IMG]
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    I don't know enough about incubation to be of much help. I do know sometimes if the brooder has a temp swing sometimes things like this can happen. Are you going to splint her legs? I'm not much help but I wanted to say she sure is cute and I wish you both the best! please keep us posted on this little one.Hopefully someone more knowledgeable about incubation will be able to help!
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