What's Your Favorite Breed of Chicken and WHY??


8 Years
May 12, 2011
I have 7 SLW but am looking to purchase some more chickens from quality breeders shortly here in the future. I am trying to decide what breed(s) I'd like to raise. So I'd like to know why you like/raise certain breeds and any suggestions are welcome.

Also, OT but I have some wire that is 1/2" x 1". Is that small enough openings to use to keep predators out?

Bumping this up. I was hoping to get some input on why certain breeds would be better than others.

BTW, I would like to raise the chickens for eggs, and for selling the chicks. Would love to make it a small business.
I have araucanas and if you are masochistic they are the breed for you. Other than being difficult to get all the right details to make a show quality bird, and the fact that breeding them and getting fertility is difficult, they are truly awesome.

They lay a nice medium sized blue or blue/green egg all year long. They are great foragers and eat less than my other breeds. They are excellant mothers and fathers. Very neat personalities. And they are different looking. I love their funny ring master looking tufts, their rumpless behinds that make them look like they are wearing short pants and a long coat with tails. I love the songs all the roos sing all day long. Lots of screachs, squeels, growls, and chirps. You can check out my website cashsblueegg.com for lots of reasons to love Araucanas



If you want lap chickens, go with the Black Australorp! My girls run toward me and peck at my legs so I will sit down with them and they can have a seat on my lap. They are very sweet chickens, are some of the best layers and they actually enjoy affection. Mine love to be caressed while on my lap.

I don't know about 1/2 x 1 wire. I would worry about snakes getting thru that size. Critters could put their paws thru. If I were you I would use 1/4 or 1/2 inch hardware cloth.
My favorite breeds would be slw and glw but I have neither at the moment I have sex linked and leghorns and silkies which I love but in the future I want slw and glw.
I read rirs lay extra large eggs. But I'm not sure if that's true.
I'm just starting out in chickens too, so this is a great thread for me as well. Just a thought I would throw out there. Are you thinking of incubateing eggs, or using a broody? If broody, then should consider breeds that tend to go that way like cochins and BO. 2 of my favorites. I also like Black Australorps. I have a BA chick coming in June!
I'd eventually like to get an incubator. I just want to learn a little more before I go playing with little lives by trying to hatch anything just yet! Plus I need to find out what's the best incubator for a newby. I wouldn't be opposed to having some broody hens though.

I have 4 coops that we built before I read that we probably needed to use hardware clot. I have a 6' tall roll of that 1/2 x1" wire so I was just hoping to be able to use it. I was worried about the snakes getting in, as well as coons being able to put their paws through it.

I really like the dark brown eggs of the marans, and love the little seramas. I am always drawn to the really rare breeds too, but want something that if I choose at some point to show, there will be a class for it. Thanks!!!

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