What's your favourite method for getting weight on a hen?

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  1. origami.bullets

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    Jul 4, 2009
    I've recently been feeding a hen back up after I left her with family for 10 days and came back to find her with gapeworm, a severe throat infection and in a state of emaciation & dehydration [​IMG]

    She was treated for the worms and infection with Noromectin and Baytril, and that cleared up fine. Anyway, I have found that a solution of water, sugar, flour and multivitamin powder (the sort specifically designed for chickens) has done wonders. She has been getting it syringed down her neck twice a day, in increasing amounts, with progressively more and more flour in the solution.

    More recently, she has had porridge, and even more recently a mix of porridge & layers pellets, which she has been eating voluntarily (a big improvement!).

    She is now looking much better, and has regained most of her old energy and appetite, and is starting to put weight back on.

    I was just wondering what your tried-and-tested methods for getting weight on chickens are. Maybe we can compile a sort of guide!
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    Mar 28, 2007
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    I like to mix equal parts Layer pellets and Game bird feed to help put some weight on my girls. It seems to work OK.

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