What's your outside temp today?


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13 Years
Jun 11, 2009
Holy moly!!! Brrr its cold here in ct. Reached a single digit of 9 (sigh))

I know some parts of the world its much colder... but still!
The animals still wanted to go outside... I threw bird seed in their for them, keeping them busy for a few minutes.
I know, I am afraid I have to go back outdoors and check on the water. After an hour of being indoors, I think I'd best check it.
It was 9 here today too! I now use a heated dog bowl from Jeffers in one of my runs and it works perfect. I have the heated base in the other run and it is a pain to fill that font up so when it craps out I'm getting another bowl!

Heated base and font = $90 at TSC
Heated bowl = $17.95 plus $6 for shipping
About 18. And all of my waterer's were froze solid. So I switched them out and gave them luke warm water to start out their cold day.
I've never used the heated water bowls. the coop itself has its heat lamp source, The water was icy, but not frozen (smile)))
The run waters were iced up. I have the black large rubbery ones, that you flip over and stomp on with your feet. comes right out. PErfect. I have to get outside, been dreading the cold...... It takes me like 10 minutes, to get all my gear on. lol.

On a happy note tho: our birds (um wild birds ha) are enjoying their bird seed. We have the prettiest birds here, red cardinals, blue jays and doves. I love looking out my window and seeing them. Boy oh boy those blue jays are mean to the little guys tho.
I could sit for hours with my binoculars...
It's freeeeezing out there!!! I think its around 18F and I'm cold! The cow tanks were both frozen, got those busted open again, the chickens are watered and now I have to check on the dogs...ugh winter chores stink! With the hubby at work, I was on early morning water duty, and wouldn't you know it the wood box was empty so guess who got to fill that too, haha, what a day! I like winter for a small time, but its nicer when I'm looking out at it
You Know when its too cold is when your ducks run out the coop for a minute then quickly run back into the coop and it is 18 Degrees F
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