What's Your Poultry Name?


Jul 19, 2019
This is a game where you match up the letters of your Initials (The first letter of your first and last name, Example: R.E.) and find your poultry name!

First name:
A: Foghorn
B: Eggster
C: Pumpkin
D: Dixie
E: Daffy (yep just filing through Looney Tunes character names here)
F: Peep
G: Quackers (yep duck names are here too, shoutout to all you duck keepers out there)
H: Omelet
I: Cracker
J: Doodle Doo
K: Violet
L: Pinky
M: Huey
N: Dewey
O: Louie
P: Buttercup
Q: Eggbert
R: Nugget
S: Ramen
T: Rachael
U: Chooky
V: Henny
W: Taffy
X: Big Bird
Y: Popcorn
Z: Chicken (Simple, But still a good name)

Last name:
A: Egger
B: Eggo
C: Crunch
D: Layer (I swear i won't do anymore egg based names lol)
E: Duck
F: Cluck
G: Leghorn
H: Hatcher
I: Candy
J: Penny
K: Noodle
L: Marshmallow
M: Cloud
N: Quack
O: Spice
P: Fleur (french for "flower")
Q: Boo
R: Buckbeak
S: Dumpling
T: Dot
U: Squeak
V: Custard
W: Pot Pie
X: Muffin
Y: Mint
Z: Lollipop

Share your poultry name in the thread!

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