Wheezing and whistling


10 Years
Aug 1, 2013
Western Oregon
Hen started wheezing 12 days ago. No other symptoms. Good apatite, laying is normal, lots of energy. Treating with tetracycline 800 mg in 1 quart of water changed daily. Not getting better. Anybody know what's wrong with her?
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Any sneezing? If there has been no response to the tetracycline, the disease may be viral, resistant to the tetra, or it is an allergy or airway problem. Be sure and check her mouth and throat tomorrow for anything unusual like white or yellow patches inside the mouth. Check one of the others first to know what to look for.
No sneezing. Looked in her mouth a few days ago. No plack or puss pockets. I will look again didn't see any obstruction. I didn't get a very long look she didn't like me prying her mouth open.

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