Wheezing? guess she just ate too fast and needed a drink


9 Years
Mar 4, 2010
Corpus Christi, TX
Let the duckies out this morning, they all took off to the food and started their eating/drinking routine. One ducky (my darker WH) started wheezing. I don't know if wheezing is the right word for it, at first I thought she had something in her throat because she kept making that noise after trying to drink. It's kinda likea weak cough?
Other than that, she seems fine but I looked around the website and it has me so scared.
I see a few duckies have died shortly after symptoms like this.
There's no mold in their food or bedding that I know of, please please please tell me how long I should watch her...what I should do.
I would be heartbroken if we lost a duckie but am honestly more concerned about my 8yr old who has kinda become their momma duck. I hope I don't need to take her into the vet or anything, a bit short on money AND time right now...FINALS week!
Thanks for all your help in advance.
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Thanks, I've been out with them all morning...refilled nasty pool etc. I was concerned since we've had like 2 straight wks of wet weather, it's very possible there is mold. She seems better now, they are all swimming happily in the fresh water and mucking it up good.
I'm guessing it was my first thought and she just needed some more water to wash food down.

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