wheezing/lethargic chickens

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    Feb 22, 2010
    Two of our hens are lethargic, sort of "puffy" and acting like they have something stuck in their throats (wheezing, coughing, shaking their heads). They did not go for their feed or water like they usually do. These two hens have recently gotten into our compost bin and I'm wondering if maybe they are sick from that? We have two other young pullets in the same yard (separated by a chicken wire fence) but they have separate feed & water (and no access to the compost bin); we've been keeping them separate as we just got the two little ones and wanted to acclimate the birds before letting them co-habitate. The two hens were very normal yesterday afternoon/evening; it was only first thing this am that I noticed something is not right. Any comments or suggestions would be wonderful. We managed to rig up an obstruction to the compost bin so they cannot get into it anymore. I have read extensively on various chicken diseases but their symptoms seem to be common to many different problems and so I'm not sure how best to diagnose them. I did see that one of the two hens has green droppings (not normal) and her ear muff/wattle feathers are wet (like she has been vomiting). THANKS!
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    I am sorry for your hens - how are they doing now? Maybe some apple cider vinegar in the water and then yogurt? I am not sure - but it is probably what I would do.

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