When are pears ripe enough to can?

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    I have a Peckham Pear tree in my yard, that for the first time, will have enough pears to can, this year. I am not sure how ripe the pears need to be inorder to can them. I would assume (possibly incorrectly) that the pears should not be as ripe as you would want for eating, since they will be processed. Also any suggestions on what I should can from these pears?
  2. Never canned pears but would think if they were ripe enough to eat they would be perfect for canning. I know we eat a LOT of canned pears, esp since I have med problems so I have to eat lots of cottage cheese and of course pears or some fruit has to go with it, but love the pears best. marrie
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    Quote:Hey VT, I was wondering the same thing...I have two pear trees in my yard (not sure of the variety) and I want to make some pear jam and maybe can pear slices. All of my canning books say "fully ripe pears" in the recipes, so I'm thinking maybe they shouldn't be underripe??

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    pears do not ripen on the tree. I just learned this a couple of years back. You pick them when they are green but the right size and let them sit for 2-3 day until they start to turn yellow and are firm but not hard. Then they are ready to can
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    You can find LOTS of good information on this topic over at theeasygarden.com
    Try it, you'll like it - it's ALMOST as addicting as this forum!

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