When are these eggs going to hatch?


6 Years
Apr 28, 2013
Currently I have 3 eggs in an incubator and all of them sometimes rock and wiggle, but it's AT LEAST day 21 and none of them have pipped! What's taking so long? When are they going to hatch, it's driving me crazy. My incubator is still air and I have been keeping the temp at 99.5, but I read somewhere that in still air incubators you should keep it higher. Could this be a factor in why it's taking them longer to develop?
Curious to read the responces as I just started lockdown today on my still air...The instructions said 101-102 and 50% humidity...Lockdown its supposed to be 101-102 with 60% humidity but Ive read differant here, some say lower, some say higher... right now I am holding at 100.5 -101 and 61% humidity....
I heard that if the incubation temperature is 1 degree under the recommended it can delay your hatch by as much as 24 hours. But that being said, even at perfect incubation temperatures chicks don't always hatch bang on time on day 21. I've had early and late hatches under broody hens even and you don't get much better than a hen. It sounds like your chicks are getting ready to hatch though, so don't worry, just be patient and keep an eye on the humidity. At this stage I like to keep it at 65%. Best of luck!

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