When can I expect eggs from these 5??

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  1. I have 4 game birds, (which at least three are laying), 2 silver wyndottes(both laying), 2 golden wyndottes(1 laying), then I have 2 black australorps(not laying) and 3 bardrocks also not laying. When can I expect eggs from the bard rocks and black austrolorps? The blacks are 23 weeks, the barred rocks are 22 weeks old. Game birds have been laying for a month or so but they are at least a month or two older than the rest. The 2 silvers, 2 goldens, and 2 blacks I got at the same time, they are all 23 weeks old. the barred rocks a week later, so they are 22 weeks. I am just surprised those 5 are not laying as I have seen my roo molesting them all at least 2 times a day. Actually, I have not seen him on the blacks. But do these birds generally lay later than the others? Saw in a posting someone said their wyndottes were laying at 20 weeks, and I believe that is about when 3 of them did start laying, the other golden(my hoppy chicken) seems to be a late bloomer. Maybe due to the broken leg when she was still small. Not sure, but any info would be soooo greatly appreciated!
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    I have Australorps in a mixed flock and they seem to be developing more slowly that the other breeds. I'm not sure about the Barred rocks. The fact that the days are getting shorter may have something to do with the delay as well. Some pullets even wait until spring to really start laying if they reach 20 weeks old during the winter. You could add a couple hours of supplemental light in the coop if they don't start laying in the next couple of weeks if you want.
  3. Thanks for the feed back! First time having the Australorps, but I do love them sooo!! They are so docile and mild mannered! They also love to eat from our hands, kids love that! Not sure day light is such a huge deal. I live in McKinleyville, CA and I am literally a five minute walk from the ocean. Our days are definatly getting shorter but really haven't noticed that being a big deal. I kinda figured maybe these two breeds maybe just slow to lay. Need some input from people who have raised them from chicks, you know first hand experience is always good. We had barred rocks when I was a kid and they always seemed to lay! But can't recall having them from chicks. Thanks your advice though.
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    I am in the same boat, waiting for my 22-week old new flock to start laying. However it is getting cold here in Vermont, so I'm really hoping they will lay before winter really starts. I notice the Australorps are still getting feathers in around their heads (it's easy to see the new feathers on black birds) so I assume they'll not start laying until they are totally feathered. But it's hard to wait! I don't know about yours, but my black girls are really pretty huge -- already bigger than my giant grandma Buff Rock. I am holding out hope that the EE's will lay sooner since they are smaller, but I don't see any action yet! My understanding is that the Rocks are going to lay earlier than some of the others, but who knows. If it makes you feel better, these large breed hens do seem to live a long time and keep laying pretty well even when they get on. We just retired our 4-year-old flock in mid-summer to make room for the babies in the barn, but hated to do it because we were still getting like 5 or 6 eggs a day from them in the summertime.

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