When can I hatch their eggs.

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by Armageddon, Jul 13, 2010.

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    Feb 3, 2010
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    Hi All!

    My chickens are 22 weeks old and have been laying eggs for a few weeks now. Most of them are still pullet sized eggs...some are gradually getting larger. I have a rooster and they eggs appear to be fertile (bullseye)

    When can I hatch some of the eggs?[​IMG]

  2. PunkinPeep

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    Mar 31, 2009
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    Medium or large sized eggs are ideal for hatching. If you have a digital scale, that can help you decide if they are big enough yet. Mediums should weigh in between 1.75 and 2.0 ounces. If they're that big and you feel confident that they're fertile, then go for it!

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