When can I leave them outside all night?


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May 27, 2010
It is 80's during the day and 50's at night. My ladies are 5 weeks old today. Are they big enough to leave outside at night without a light? I have been leaving them out during the day but bringing them inside to sleep. Am I an over protective mom? When it gets dark at night they are all huddled in the corner (in the run area) and no where near the roost or inside the hen house. How do I get them in where it is warmer? This is my first chicken experience... Thanks!
They'll be fine outside without the light. If they're not outside yet I would suggest giving them a light for the first week to get them use to being out there. My babies here are going without a light after 2 weeks, but it's not getting quite as cool at night as where you are.

ETA: You will need to lock the in the coop/hen house for a week or so until they learn that is home...then they'll go in to sleep at night.
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