When can I merge my flocks together?

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Feb 18, 2008
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I have four, 11 month old hens, 18 that are 9 weeks old and another 6 that are 5 weeks old. When will it be safe to put the 6 week olds in with the 9 week olds? The brooder is getting smaller and smaller by the day and I have no other place to put them. And what's the best way to bring them together?


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Feb 3, 2008
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I have a 10 mo. old, a 14 mo. old, a 16 mo. old, a 2 1/2 mo. old and a young age undetermined (near laying) chicken all living together happily....well, except my mixed hen is slightly aggressive towards all the other hens. The rooster is the oldest and he is very small: a silkie Serama bantam. Personality, breed, and gender can affect the mix. The most common school of thought seems to be separate them with chicken wire for a few days so they get used to seeing one another through the wire then let them free range together where they will be too busy scratching for insects and worms to fight. Then let them be together in closer quarters to roost. After that, watch them closely for a couple of days all together in the coop and run to see what happens. Just be ready to separate any troublemakers if necessary; in other words if more than normal pecking order disturbances occur.

I am about to separate my bantams from my large birds. I think they will all be more comfortable that way. The bigger birds keep turning over the smaller bird's food and water. Too much waste and hassle the way I see it. Naturally the smaller birds are at the bottom of the pecking order, too, except the little rooster actually does rule the roost and does a better than fair job of protecting his little favorite silkie Serama mate.

Again, either introduce them to each other at night when they are going to sleep, then put them in the same run separated with chicken wire or the other way around for a few days. That's what I've read anyway.

Best wishes!

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Usually around 4-6 weeks, depending on the weather. I take the chicks out to the coop. I section off a prtion, that way they have a larger area, and can see and get used to my older birds. They are usually in this area for about 1-2 weeks. I have yet to have any problems introducing new birds.


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Feb 16, 2007
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airmom saved me the trouble of posting a link to the thread i just started.

Combined mine today, 6weeks old, they have there own space. I figure couple of weeks of getting to know each other and i can take down the divider.

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