When can i put my duckling in water

Axle Quails

8 Years
May 1, 2011
i want to put my duck in water but i know not deep and make it easy for them to come out

but at what age
Giving him a bath in a few inches of water is not going to hurt him. The wild ducks dont keep their babies away from water. I have given mine a bath as young as 12 hours old to 3 days old, its not going to hurt them at all. Just a few minutes is all it takes.
I didn't let my ducky go swimming till he was about 4 weeks. lol I'm only laughing because I babied my duck (which I hatched in bator) & my mommy duck who hatched her own 7 ducklings, let her babies in the drinking water to swim with in a couple days. Of course once I seen them in the water i removed the water and replaced it with something they couldn't climb into so they wouldn't drown. But when i let my ducky swim i started off with a disposable turkey pan made of a heavy duty foil type thing from the dollar store it wasnt very deep & was easy to get out of also I use luke warm water/bath water for a real baby. not cold water straight from the garden hose. have fun they are so cute swimming. ~Julie~
I took my Rouen ducklings swimming at 4 days old, but only for 5 minutes. They were making a mess in the water and te=hen trying to groom, so I figured they were ready, I set up a plastic wrapping paper bin over the kitchen sink, filled it most of the way up, and tilted it on a roasting pan to give it a deep end and a shallow end. They had a great time, and continued grooming themselves afterwards.
Let them swim. It is good exercise and a break from brooder boredom. Maybe 15 minutes the first time (or if their activity slows down) and then dry them off well.
TAKE PICTURES they are so cute when they swim.
I let my swim in a new plastic paint tray when they were about a week. Works great for the babies and its easy for them to get in and out of the water. I just wrapped a towel around the outside to act as a ramp for them to get in which helps soak up some of the splash. They loved It! I just made sure to put them back under the heat light so they could get warm and dry quick.
Hi ppl i was told buy an old breeder to allow them to have a small dish of water as soon as possible as it stimulates there oil glan to start producing oils.

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