When can I start giving treats???


12 Years
Aug 2, 2007
At what age can you introduce "treats" and what treats would be best to start with?? My chicks are eating out of our hands, the whole family! I would like to reward them with a little treat but I am not sure if it is ok yet. Thanks in advance!!
I start giving treats around 2 weeks. Mainly grass, weeds, and alfalfa, but sometimes bread. I bet that you could start earlier.
If you brood strictly indoors, you might want to throw in a dish with dirt in it. They can play, bath, and pickup some grit. It is fun to watch too.
You have to provide them with grit if you give them anything other than their chick starter/grower food. Bread makes their poo runny, so give in moderation. Parakeet grit that you can buy at WalMart is smaller than regular chicken grit. I would give very finely chopped apple without the peeling to young chicks; again, in moderation. Very small bites of Romaine lettuce is good, too.

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