When can I start wing clippping?


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Jul 17, 2011
The chickens are now 2 months old and almost have no signs of the baby down except for maybe a small amount under their butts. They fly all over the place in the run and I'm needing to clip them soon since one side of the run has no covering, otherwise they'll end up in my neighbors yard and a stray dog snack. Is there an age or is it just when all those lil baby feathers are gone?

You can clip them anytime you want to. You just clip one wing not both. If you do it now you will more than likely have to do it again later on in the year.
I personaly dont think its necessary my bird hardly fly at all.
but I understand your problem.
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Just be sure to read a lot about it and make sure you are ready for any problem that may arise, look for blood feathers, and have pliers and cornstarch ready in case you start one bleeding.

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