When can my ducklings go outside overnight??


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Feb 18, 2011
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My ducklings are 3 weeks old and they are starting to get too big for their tote that they are in!! So im wondering, when can they go out?
My ducklings are 3 weeks old and they are starting to get too big for their tote that they are in!! So im wondering, when can they go out?
If you can give them a secure place to sleep with heat then by all means move them outside, but if your temps are still below 70 at night they will probably need some heat till they are compleetely feathered in. at 3 weeks they need temps to be around 70-75 and out of drafts. Also if you have a furniture store or appliance store you may be able to get a really big box to put them in till they are ready for the big out doors.
ML, hits the nail on the head. My 5wk olds have been out since they hatched, but i still need heat as the temps well until yesterdays climb lol has been awful... were set to drop again too, so for young ones, heat is something that must be kept on hand in this rather ever changing weather time.
My ducks and chicks are around 4-5 weeks old and I have the same problem, totally outgrowing their tote. I ended up making an outside pen for them during the day, the temp has been 50-60 deg, and then I bring them in everynight. It is working out great.
I put mine outside at five weeks old, with a heatlamp. They've been in the shed with overnight temps as low as 15 degrees with this setup. When I go out there in the morning they're all far from the heatlamp so I don't think they're too cold. At this point, nearly six weeks, they're almost fully feathered. They'll be out without the lamp in a few days.
Mine have been outside for a week. They are 4 1/2 weeks and 3 1/2 weeks now. I have a heat lamp on in there for them and made sure that it wasn't too drafty. They are doing great, having 14 total they were starting to be REALLY messy in my garage. They seem to be doing great, feathers are coming in nicely and are healthy eaters that's for sure! I guess I should mention temps have been in the 70's during the day and mid 50's at night. Tonight the temps are supposed to drop so I'll probably just lower their heat lamp for tonight but I think they will be fine. I worry more about something getting them at night then them freezing.
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My Pekins are almost 4wks, I put them out last week. But they have moms and are remarkably well feathered considering their age. And it's been relatively mild too. For about the last day and a half, we've been getting high winds and rain, so back inside they all are, even the adults.
The moms do the work and provide ducklings what they need (heat, shelter, protection) in the wild. But even in the wild, many healthy hatched wild ducklings won't ever make it to adulthood.
I know it's a old post but... my ameraucana/ blue laced red wayndote chicks are 6+ weeks and cayuga/ welsh harlequin ducklings are 4+ weeks. I live on whidbey island Washington. Chicks went outside a week ago. Ducklings went out side last 3 nights. No heat lamp for anyone. I do cover the enclosures for wind and sun block. I move the enclosures every morning at feeding. They will be moving into the chicken/duck tractors as soon as I move them from my friends place, can't wait. Maybe it sounds harsh but my philosophy is that I want to raise cold weather animals that do well naturaly foraging and being in the elements as well as raising young. egg production a +. Minimal babysitting from me :D. I like the concept of survival of the fitest :hmm.
. true for me this time they art as friendly as my first birds( they would fly to me on comand) but these are also to be meat someday so maybe it's best they just tolerate me:(.

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