when can you put your chicks out side?

As long as the temp isn't dropping below 50 at night, they can go to the coop.

(Yeah, Sparkyfam, that's what I meant. Edited.)
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I've got a similar question! My 3 gals (black sex links) are 8-9 weeks old, fully feathered out and came from a co-worker who had them in a green house with a heat lamp until 2 days ago when we got them. We brought them inside and have had them in the bathtub, but they are obviously crowded in there. We keep the house around 55-60 at night and they have done fine. Can we put them out yet? It has been getting down to 28-32 at night lately so I really don't want to shock them too bad, but they will need to get used to it, since the weather here can be so unpredictable (it was in the 60's at night just last week! and in the 30's the week before that). Any advise?

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