When did you stop liking certain celeberties?

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Jan 9, 2011
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I stoped liking Beyonce after I found out she's in the illuminati
, I remember watching a youtube video of her song sweet dreams blayed backwards
That just scared me half to death!
. Which celebs do you dislike, why?
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What are you up to dac?
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Beyonce is fine with me. The whole idea of the illuminati is silly.

Most celebrities are fine with me. They are not like people I worship or expect to be perfect. They have a job, like acting or singing. THat doesn't make them pure as the driven snow or someone I would look up to - OR develop much of a like or dislike of.

I have a few favorites - the goofiest comedians and some of the real long time singers. But I don't expect anything special of them, it's just fun to hear about them and what they're up to. I've met a few celebrities, I start out a little nervous but generally relax after a short time. It's fun to find out that some one who acts like a complete space alien on stage (emo philips) has a gorgeous blond wife and a nice home in the suburbs. He's got some really funny projects and movies in the works. He and Greg Glienna actually did the original version of 'Meet the Parents'. Pretty creative guys, but they didn't get much money for it.

My favorite version of a celebrity is Aldous Snow in 'Get Him to the Greek', played by Russell Brand, who is just funny and a good lookin' fellow in a 70's sort of way - he plays this really messed up idiot rock singer who liked to play with people's lives and manipulate them, and made a disastrously horrible album called 'African Child' that the critics all panned. In the end he confesses that he is just a mess and a jerk. Same character is in 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall' and is still pretty funny, if a little more noble. He plays 'Arthur' in the remake and at one point, a girl is chasing after him and gets immobilized by a gigantic magnet and his line is, 'At least someone in the room is attracted to you'. LOL. He also says to her horse, 'you are NOT going to make me cry today' and then screams like a baby when the horse rears up.
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Men can get breast cancer, and the men around here walk around with these save the boobies cancer support braclets on.

Yeah, it was just a sexist, inaccurate remark. If a man said something similar of women he'd draw a lot more heat than she ever did. I'll never listen to anything she says again.

welsummerchicks, you thought Carly Simon's remark was spot on??
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She's so vain. (Get it??) Guess since she had breast cancer, no other forms of cancer existed.

I stopped liking Kim Kardashian after they delivered my copy of the restraining order to me.

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