When do Cochins usually start laying?

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11 Years
Apr 11, 2011
New York
I have a girl, Luna, I was told was about 3 months (she thinks). She sits in the nesting box and she makes little nests in the hay bedding, but no eggs. I was told an indication that they were getting to lay was that their face would get more red. Also she seems very small, is it possible she could be a Bantam Cochin?

Here is her sitting on a "nest", Luna is next to Phoebe our Dark Brahma

IMAG0486 by StonesChickens, on Flickr

Here is a her scratching.

IMAG0448 by StonesChickens, on Flickr

Here is her with my 4 year old, Luna is super light and seems very small maybe 3 or 4 lbs.

IMAG0456 by StonesChickens, on Flickr
Luna is beautiful! She's still a youngster, though. Cochins won't be ready to lay, usually, until around six months, and they won't be done growing until almost two years. They mature much slower than other breeds.

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