When do geese lay eggs???

Discussion in 'Geese' started by Eb, Feb 18, 2010.

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    Dec 2, 2009
    We have 5 geese(2 females/3 males), and they have not laid any eggs. When is their laying season? Last year we only had 2 females and 1 male, and we kept them confined. The geese laid a few eggs, but we picked them up and did not let them sit on them. Then, we let them keep their eggs and they made a nest and sat on three eggs for a couple of weeks. However, about one and a half weeks from the time they should have hatched, one of the geese accidentally crushed the eggs. Now our geese are free ranged and I am afraid they will try to find a secluded area in the woods to make a nest. Our neighbors geese did this and they were killed by coyotes. Should I build a shelter for them to make a nest in?
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    Mine start in march.
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    Mine started laying on Jan 31. I have all my geese in pens to control who breeds to who. I placed plastic 55 gallon barrels in the pens that they are using as nests. Last year I had some that free ranged and I also picked up the eggs. If they ever saw me stealing the eggs they would move the nest. There was a couple of times the nest was right under my nose. They are very good at concealing their nest. Having them penned is a plus for me because I didn't want to search for nest again this year. You could build them a shelter they might lay in it or they might not. Good luck
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    Mine have been laying since the first week of February. I'd have to wonder if yours aren't hiding their nestss.

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