when do i change from growing mash

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  1. When do i change from growing mash to laying mash for my 22 RIR. they are "singing" and making round nest like in the hay in the coop even tho i have nesting boxes. the 2 roo's, Alice-who turned out to be Andrew and General manchu are both doing their job, they are 14 weeks old, so i don't know what age they start laying, i just know we would like to see some eggs.[​IMG]

    Mother to 24 RIR, 1 pitt bull,1poodle mix and 1 yorkie.
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  2. mainely-chick

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    Lay between 18-24 weeks. Some change feed at first egg
    or around 18th week - up to you.
    (your post reads like you are expecting eggs from Roos-LOL)
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    They should start laying between 18-26 weeks or so. I would start feeding laying mash a 20 weeks or the first egg, which ever comes first.
  4. not looking for eggs from my roos, i just meant they were acting like the usual male around a lot of pretty girls, strutting around and showing off. [​IMG]

    Mother to 24 RIR, 1 pitt bull, 1 poodle mix and 1 yorkie

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