When do Red Stars start Laying Eggs?


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May 29, 2011
Does anyone have experience with Red Star Chickens? I was wondering at what age they started laying for you? Mine are 8 weeks old this week and i'm just dying to have them start laying!!!!!
You have a few weeks left to go, although the Red Star are fantastic layers, and will lay about the earliest of hen, they will start about 20 weeks old. Now you might get one or two who will start a week or so ahead of that, but don't get your hopes up till around week 20, then you should be getting that magical 1st egg!

Signs that indicate getting close, bright yellow legs, bright, bright red combs, the egg squat when you come up to them are all signs that within the next few weeks you should be getting some eggs.

You think it is long to wait for them to lay.....wait until you set a clutch of eggs under a broody hen, I swear the 21 days is an eternity! I am on 15 days, one more week....oh! I better be getting some stuff ready.

Waiting is so so hard to do!

My black stars are at 4 months. Yeah! About a week ago 1, that's 1 hen has turned that magical red coloring of a hen at POL. Yesterday, more of the hens are no longer that pale pink, but turning redder. SOme are redder than others.Even the SLW and others are at different phases of the bright red; some more intense than others. The eggs are coming!

At 8 weeks your girls are about half their final size; give them the time and good food to grow for another 8 weeks and you will get your eggs, too. GL
They can start as early as 16 weeks but it can be 18 to 24 weeks average. I had one that was 30 weeks before she started laying and some started at 16 weeks, but most were around 20 weeks.
I got my red stars at 15 weeks. Like you...excited and anxious and wondering when they would start. We had an egg pool going.

We got our first two eggs at 16.5 weeks and just about every day after that a new one would lay...they started out at "small" (Canadian Sizing) and we are at the 1.5 month mark and I am getting all large and 1 gram away from extra large.

So as long as you are doing the right food, lighting etc...you can probably expect them in the 16+ week mark!!!

So much fun!
Most hatcheries that sell Golden Comets/Red sex-links will list them as ready to lay at 16 to 18 weeks. This variety was specifically developed to lay early, and lay A LOT. Most chicken breeds start laying around 18 weeks at the earliest. Yay Comets!

Mine are at 15 weeks today, so needless to say I am dying with the wait.
Mine are 10 weeks old and I'm waiting too. I was so happy when they started roosting and playing in the yard. At first they would huddle in the run all day outside of eating and pooing. I see now that it's just a matter of time and they will do all the things you want them to do.

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