When do roosters start to crow?


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Jul 25, 2009
Kent, UK.
All the roos I have owned have started to crow and become a nuisance
when they matured at 3-4 months old, never really heard much from them before then.


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Mar 20, 2012
I have 2 roosters, a black langshan and a red pyle modern game, that are both a little over 6 months old and neither has decided it is time to start crowing yet. Knock on wood. Neither has our 4 month old bantam blue orpington. Again knock on wood.


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Mar 3, 2013
Western MA
my rooster is going to be 12 weeks old in a couple of days. his first crow was at about 8 weeks old and the poor thing didn't even get out the full cocka doodle doo! haha! he doesn't crow everyday, and only crows when he is let out of the coop, a few times. He still sounds raspy, but did finally find his full cocka doodle doo! my question is, should I expect more consistent crowing and louder when he reaches maturity? or when hens reach maturity? is he at his maturity yet? he is our only roo, and oddly enough, does not even seem to be the boss in there!


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Aug 6, 2013
I rescued what they said was a Roo. He is still not crowing and I can't see much spur growth. He is very attack oriented though he doest hang out with the mean ladies as of yet. He doesn't attack them in fact other way around but he attacks me. After attacking my little dog I ran out fearlessly with stocking feet and gave hive a kick. My dog had laid down not knowing what to do. She is an imperial Shitzu and is doesn't have a mean bone in her body. He finally has some respect for me. Crazy mom trumps attacking rooster. Lol He squawked and ran away but seems less likely to attack me. Still no crowing, he doesn't bock like my hens and when I get close to him he makes kind of a growl/trill. It almost sounds cat like. I don't know how old he is and I'm still not 100% it's a rooster. He does have pointed feathers on his saddle. It's a RIR I think. ;)


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Jun 21, 2009
My first rooster was a silver laced wyandotte. He crowed at 14 weeks. I have had Marans crow at 12 weeks, a EE bantam crow at 8 weeks, and I once had this sweet bantam game bird that I thought was a pullet even though he displayed all of the signs of being a roo who didn't ever crow until the bantam cochin roo was lost to a neighbors dog after they were about a year old and from that day forward he crowed all the time until I lost him.

The early crows are odd and don't sound anything like a crow. It takes them a few tries to get it right. Roosters stand a little higher. They watch the skies for danger and they develop tail feathers that cascade down and they develop saddle feathers from the neck area that are very narrow and long. I noticed those long before they crowed. The combs will be pinker then redder sooner than the pullets long before the pullets lay an egg the roosters comb and waddles will turn bright cherry red. A rooster will make this funny sound when he finds a treat and sometimes even when younger let the pullets have the treat first.
Hope that helps


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Jul 27, 2013
I have a rooster somewhere between 6 months and a year, have yet to hear anything remotely close to crowing. He's vocal, like the girls. Have a chochin mix I think is a roo approximately 6 months and no crowing either. Strange birds.


9 Years
May 9, 2010
My one (supposed) roo is now 10 weeks old and hasnt crown yet =P Ill let you know when he does

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