When do the eggs become pure?


Hatching and Showing
13 Years
Oct 10, 2007
I had all my LF ducks running together, but I recently separated them to get pure eggs for hatching. I need to know how long it will be from the time they were separated until the time the eggs will for-sure be pure breed.
You are welcome. If you like i could hatch them out after a month of seperation to let you know... hint, hint
I agree with Greyfields. You may still get some mixes, but waiting an entire month is overkill. On average, 10 days is considered appropriate. It does vary by species, and maybe even by individual. Turkeys would probably need the longest time. Another way to look at it is, start at five days, and even if you still hatch a few mixes, the pures will come when they come, and you'll be getting them as soon as they are fertilized.

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