when do they lay and mate?

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  1. Hi my cousin has 4 ducks and shes really experienced with chickens but shes new to ducks so i help her out there and there but i forgot when she asked me when her 3 hens (cayuga,swedish,runner) will lay? and she says her ducks havent started breeding yet? do u know when her cayuga,swedish, and runner will lay? [​IMG]

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    When they want to....[​IMG]
  3. hahah i know that now haha but my now question is when will the cayuga lay actually i found out her swedish and runner layed yesterday when i just called her so when will the cayuga lay anyone??
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    my neighbor has the pekins ducks are they are already laying, started about 2 weeks ago, he gives me the eggs because he has no use for them, I boil them, fry them, you name it! usually runners start late spring like may or april in my experience, cayugas i dunno about, they are known to be seasonal layers like in the warm summer months. hope this helps! [​IMG]

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