When do you start counting.

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  1. 1 lucky dad

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    Aug 1, 2011
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    Is it approx 3 weeks after the hen starts setting or after then egg is first layed? What is a good method to collect eggs and store for hatching?
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    Yes it is approx 3 weeks after a broody starts actively sitting on the eggs where she is on them day and night except to occasionally get off to eat, drink and poop. If you are incubating it starts the day you put the eggs in the incubator or when a broody starts sitting. The heat starts the development. How you count is your preference. It depends if you count the day you set your eggs as day 0 or day 1. I start out the day I set the eggs as day 0. I think of it like this, you aren't 1 yr old the day you are born the same I think the same should apply to hatching. I don't count the day I set the eggs for hatching. I start the following day as day 1. That is just the way I do it.
  3. 1 lucky dad

    1 lucky dad Out Of The Brooder

    Aug 1, 2011
    West Farmington,ohio
    Thank you for such a clear answer on counting. Any suggestions on storing fertile eggs?
  4. Arielle

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    Cool area 45-60 degrees for short storage 7-10 days at high 70% humidity. Turn the eggs 1-3 times a day (your preference) Pointy end down--check for air cell and place air cell up.

    Pick clean eggs or lightly spot clean. Cleaning with water and sanitizer requires a bit of research to do it correctly. Commercial eggs are cleaned before setting; many people do not clean before setting to keep the bloom intact.

    Hope this helps.
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    Quote:[​IMG] from one Ohioan to another.

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