When do you start inubating for the year?


Apr 10, 2009
Upstate NY - Albany area
I'm just curious when in the year you start incubating. DH and I are wondering if more people incubate in the spring/summer or year round. I would love to do it year round but I am not sure how easy it would be to find homes for ducklings in the winter in NY.

I said that I wouldn't but I hatched through the winter this year with about 4 weeks in between hatching one batch and starting the next - my babies are about 7 weeks apart that way. I wanted some pullets that would be closer to POL when the weather turned nice and not just getting old enough to lay by the time fall rolled around. Just depends what you want to do!
Lets see, did 1 in sept, another in mid-oct and have another 2 bators full now with a hatch date of mid-march. So I'd say pretty much any time I get in the hatching mood lol
Yes that is the better question. I like to start in Jan. that way I get the chicks I want in the winter. And come spring/summer most of them are laying. And then I hatch for my customers in spring/sumer. I am in the process of building a cabinet incubator that holds about 450 eggs so I really couldn't tell ya when this madness stops.
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Well, I have incubated in about every month, but my pattern has been to incubate a few months, take a break and then start again.

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